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Salt-Away Marine Corrosion Protection - Concentrate

Removes Salt Deposits, Inhibits Rusting and Corrosion

Better than water - spray it on, rinse salt away. No scrubbing necessary.
Salt-Away is a unique cleaning product which removes saltwater deposits from boat topsides, decks, sailcovers, rigging, trailer boats, and boat trailers.
Use it to clean and remove winter road salt from car and truck underbodies, brakes, and mufflers.
Salt-Away can be used as an engine flush to remove cooling system deposits causing engine over-heating.
It is excellent for maintenance of smaller items such as tools, diving and fishing equipment, boat hardware, zippers, underwater cameras, water valves, fittings, quick-disconnects, etc.
Use Salt-Away as a flush, soak, or washdown.
Helps prevent rust and corrosion by removing salt deposits, as well as leaving a protective rust inhibiting film.
This product is very concentrated - a little bit goes a long way.
Use just 1 part concentrate to 512 parts water (1 ounce to 4 gallons water).
No scrubbing necessary; just spray on with a hose nozzle attached to Salt-Away's hose dispenser (Mixing Unit) and garden hose and then rinse off
Can be used diluted as a soak
100% non-hazardous, non-toxic, bio-degradable
Water-based, contains no petroleum components or solvents
Tested to be safe on virtually all surfaces from wood, vinyl, leather, fiberglass, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, plastics and paint
Formulated to remove heavy salt build-up; you can leave it in your raw water system (inboards, outboards, I/Os, gensets) to dissolve hardened salt deposits - helps prevent overheating
Will not remove previously applied protective coatings, lubricants, or inhibitors such as Boeshield or WD-40
Salt-Away is sold in drums for vehicle wash facilities, snow & ice management industries, public works, military and other governmental agencies, and industrial applications
Hose mixer/dispenser available as kit (pictured) or as a separate item
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Salt-Away Concentrate Kit - 1 Quart w/Mixer for Hose (Makes 128 Gal of Solution)
SKU 76572

Mfg p/n SA32M
Makes: 128 Gal
Size: 1 Quart Mixer Kit
88 in stock$38.25
Salt-Away Concentrate - 1 Quart Refill for Mixer Kit (Makes 128 Gal of Solution)
SKU 84542

Mfg p/n SA32
Makes: 128 Gal
Size: 1 Quart Kit Refill
57 in stock$14.32
Salt-Away Concentrate - 1 Gallon (Makes 512 Gal of Solution)
SKU 89890

Mfg p/n SA128
Makes: 512 Gal
Size: 1 Gallon
44 in stock$38.15

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