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Pre-patterned Mainsail Covers

Mainsail covers designed for your boat... without measuring!

Our pre-patterned mainsail covers are designed for popular sailboats, which means no measuring for you! Each cover is designed specifically for your boat model. But instead of paying hundreds more for a custom cover you'll enjoy huge savings.

The cover fastens around the mast with a heavy nylon zipper protected by a thick hook and loop flap. At the top of the flap is a collar that wraps around the mast with hook and loop.

Under the boom, several nylon quick-release fasteners do the job. The side panels do not meet under the boom, which provides plenty of mildew-inhibiting ventillation. (Option stainless steel twist locks are available if you wish a tighter fit beneath the boom.)

The aft end of the cover has a simple tie to the topping lift and hook and loop closure below the boom. Please note: the cover is designed to cover your sail but may not cover your entire boom.

A note about fit: Pre-patterned covers a wide range of sails. Due to this tolerance it is not a tightly fitted cover. If you want a form-fitting cover or have modifications to your mast or boom, or a substantially customized sail (i.e., winches, spinnaker cars, full battens, full roach, vangs etc.) you need our Custom Mainsail Cover. Pre-patterned covers may not fit brand new sails or sails with four full battens.

Dutchman and Lazy Jacks flaking systems Flaking systems require cutouts to accommodate flaking lines, which are available for a small extra charge (see menu below). Because there is no consistency in how these lines are positioned on the sail, we do require measurements for the cutouts. If you need flaking cutouts, please note that we cannot begin production of your cover until measurements have been received. All flaking cutouts are reinforced for extended wear.


Stainless steel twist locks. Twist locks change the way the cover closes at the bottom. Instead of hanging vertically from the boom, the Sunbrella fabric meets below the mast and is secured every few inches by twist locks. This is a good option in areas where birds or wasps like to make a home in your sail. To select twist locks use the pulldown menu below.

Tenara thread is manufactured to withstand UV rays, even in tropical environments. Since the thread will disintegrate long before the Sunbrella does, Tenara will add years to the life of your cover. Recommended for home ports in low latitudes.

Sunbrella Colors

You can choose any color Sunbrella fabric to match your existing canvas. If you don't see your color listed, choose "Other" on the drop down menu below and write your color choice into the comments box on the order form.

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: Yes - Please read return policies

Flaking systems such as Lazy Jacks or Dutchman require cutouts for the flaking lines. Measurements are required to postion the cutouts. Measuring instructions will be provided after purchase.

ItemItem No.StatusPrice Quantity
MacGregor 26C, 26D, 26S (26C/D/S) 806173Available$421.82

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